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Cradle Cap: The best solution our professionals have found!

Are you noticing scales or flakes of skin on your baby’s scalp (or elsewhere on her body)? This may be infantile seborrheic dermatitis, better known as cradle cap. Although it can look a little unpleasant, it isn’t harmful or contagious.

What Does Cradle Cap Look Like?

Cradle cap typically looks like skin that has red, moist patches. It commonly appears in skin folds near the neck or behind the ears. It can sometimes look yellowish with greasy patches, or it might appear scaly or flaky. It can also be on their eyebrows, as well as other areas but often it is either on the scalp and/or eyebrows

How Long Does Cradle Cap Last?

Your baby is most likely to develop cradle cap between 2 weeks old and 12 months old.

It’s likely to clear up on its own within weeks or months, or by the time your little one is about one year old. In some cases, this condition can return as dandruff when your child hits puberty.

We recommend Original Sprout for safe and effective treatment.

Cradle cap doesn’t usually require any specialized medical treatment. You can usually treat your baby’s cradle cap yourself at home. The scales that result from cradle cap aren’t easy to remove so please do not try to "scrap" the scales off.

Wash your baby’s hair frequently, even daily, with a mild baby shampoo while you bathe your baby.

We recommend Original Sprout Hair and Body Babywash. This has been the best shampoo/wash that we have EVER found.

Original Sprout creates a safe, non-toxic, high-performance Vegan hair and skin care for families. It is free and clear of all the "bad stuff". From the website: “Parents trust Original Sprouts superior performance & worry-free ingredients. Cancer & early puberty can be linked to hormone disruption, hence no natural or synthetic hormone disrupters such as soy, yam, tea tree, lavender, parabens, titanium dioxide, formaldehyde or nano-particles are used in our formulas. In addition products are free of insect attracting honey or soda fragrances.

Gently brush or comb their hair with a soft bristled brush or comb. Don’t use baby oil or mineral oil for cradle cap as it can cause more scaly buildup. Wash your baby’s hair afterward with shampoo.

Seek Your Healthcare Provider if:

Shampooing doesn’t help, if the cradle cap seems severe, or if it’s also present on your baby’s face or body. Your healthcare provider may prescribe a medicated shampoo or cream, or an anti-fungal treatment if your little one’s cradle cap doesn’t go away on its own.

Talk to your stylist today if you have any questions about this product.

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