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Getting that beach wave for the summer.

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Hello ladies, I'm here to try to give you my tips on getting that summer wave or curl to really pop. Some of you might be thinking that I am at a slight advantage because I have curly hair to start. You may be partially right but these curls definitely have a mind of their own! Curls can be so temperamental, I can go from Annie’s afro, to a lions mane, to J-Lo’s beautiful curls. So this is how I've learned to tame my hair when it is first washed but it can also apply to hair that is a couple days dirty (just stay away from the roots!), cuz let's be honest, who has time to wash their hair everyday!

Clean hair:

1. Get a little of that moisture out by towel drying your hair (just a little). I still prefer my hair to be pretty damp when I put my product in.

2. I use at least 2 products, sometimes even 3 if I'm in the mood or think my hair will be extra stubborn. I put a stronger hold gel or cream in first. Today I used Glop and Glam which is great from teens and preteens but it can be used on anyone. For women and adults we carry Moroccan Oil products. I used Glop and Glam Moisturizing Curl Cream. Use a dime to quarter size amount depending on how long your hair is. Make sure you get the gel all through your hair evenly and scrunch your hair a little to start to encourage it to curl back up.

3. After I use a get or cream, I put a leave-in conditioner all through my ends and midshaft. Today I used Glop and Glam Supreme Cream Leave-in Conditioner. Some people may skip this step but i highly recommend just trying it! The gel/cream is to help hold the shape and curl in place, but the leave-in conditioner is going to give it a softer feel and look, while controlling the frizz (Yay!). I run my hands through my hair a lot and I don't want it to get stuck in my curls.

4. Now is the time to dry it! Having curly hair I generally let it air dry and it turns out really will. But if i am looking for a little bit of volume, I am going to use the blow dryer on my roots. The girls that don't have curly hair naturally will get more hold out of the curls if you use the blow dryer, just FYI! For this I used the blow dryer with my hand because I didn't have an available diffuser (the claw looking attachment that comes with most blow dryers, diffuser is preferred method though). Just flip your head upside down with the setting on med heat, so you don't burn your hand, and a lower power, so that you don't cause the hair to be more frizzy. I focus on my roots to get that little extra vavoom. You want to claw your hand keeping the blow dryer behind the claw, and scrunch your hair up all over the head, as demonstrated. You can either do that until your hair is completely dry or you can get it mainly dry and then let the rest air dry.

5. If you want to control the curls a little more after your hair is dry, then you can spray some hair spray on them and scrunch your hair just like you did with the other products.

6. Final step, Rock those curls!! You are beautiful and vivacious, own it!

Hopefully this helped someone out and gave them a little concoction to try with their at home style. I appreciate the read and you can find these products at Sheared Treasure off Pooler Parkway. They have a lot of other options to get the curly look, just ask your stylist for their recommendations!

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