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Social Story: Boys haircut

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

My Mommy and Daddy said that I need a haircut.

We are going to go see the ladies at Sheared Treasures.

When we get to the shop, I will start my haircut journey by walking into the building.


When we get into the shop we need to check in by giving our name to the friendly lady at the front desk. We will then sit in the waiting room while I wait my turn. While waiting your turn you can read a book, color or play with some toys.


When it is my turn my stylist will call my name, she will take me to her chair. The stylist will talk to me and my parents to find out what kind of haircut I would like.


When my stylist is ready to start the haircut she will put a cape over me so that my hair don't fall all over me. The cape is like a blanket.


If I sit in a big boy chair at Sheared Treasures they will give me an iPad to watch tv or play a game while my stylist cuts my hair. If I would like a toy instead of the iPad that is ok too. I get to choose what I would like to play with while I get my haircut.


If my haircut needs clippers, I can ask to touch the clipper so that I can see that it is just a funny noise.

Whoa, they shake and feel funny but they will not hurt me.


Look, there goes my hair!


My stylist will wet my hair with a water bottle. How fun!!


Once my hair is wet, my stylist will use her scissors to cut off my hair to get it out of my eyes.


When my haircut is finished my stylist will style my hair and take the cape off. I am ALL DONE! I can now get out of the chair and show my parents my new look.


At Sheared Treasures when my haircut is finished they let me go to the TOY BOX and pick out a surprise!


My haircut is now finished! I was a big boy! I can't wait to come back and do this again!

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