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Tips for taking kids to get a haircut.

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

As a stylist for 13 years I have seen just about everything you can when it comes to getting kids to get their haircut. Here are a few of the best practices I have found through my years.

1. Avoid scheduling around nap time. Schedule the haircut when your child is the happiest.

2. Avoid getting your kids haircut on the same day as a doctor appointment.

3. Avoid bringing kids when they are sick.

4. Avoid sticky candy like suckers and chocolate. The hair sticks to these items! I recommend gold fish type snacks.

5. If they do not like to have their hair brushed or hair touched, get all their knots and tangles out before the appointment. If the child already hates haircuts this would help cut down the prep time so that we can get started faster and finish faster.

6. Avoid telling them that we will cut their ear off if they don't hold still.

7. Avoid talking about how much they hate haircuts over and over. Talk about how fun it is and how they will get a toy from the treasure box or treat that you will provide them after the haircut. Make it fun, don't remind them how much they hate haircuts each time.

8. Most of the time children act completely different when their parents are not around. When possible give instructions on the haircut or hairstyle then go back to the waiting room. The child usually does really well with this, if they don't the stylist will call you over. Safety is our #1 priority!

9. For those that absolutely hate haircuts, be ok with coming over and over again to try it out. The more they come the easier it gets in time.

10. Choose a haircut that is suitable for their patience and tolerance. For example, if your son doesn't sit still, a hard part or a skin fade probably isn't going to meet his patience or tolerance level.

11. Read a social story or read a hair book to let them know what is going to happen and what it will be like. We have social stories 1 for a boy and a girl on our blogs as well. We also have bedtime stories about hair on our Facebook page for them to listen to and enjoy.

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